Plain Low Carb Bagel, High Protein Bagel, Sugar-free Bagel, Soy-free, High Fiber, No Insulin Spike, Physician’s Formula, Great for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Fitness, Body Building, Taste Amazing and Will Not Compromise Texture and Flavor,(2 Loaves).


    • Attention Low Carb Dieters, Diabetics and Fitness Enthusiasts. Who said you can't enjoy tasty bagel?
    • Finally, a revolutionary solution to eating amazing bagel that won't compromise your health and fitness.
    • As you know, diet and healthy foods can be rather boring and tasteless. They either taste like cardboard or they simply do not satisfy or tantalize your taste buds like they should.
    • XeRo Sports do not compromise with flavor or texture because they understand that there is a difference between having something completely healthy and something you actually want to eat.
    • XeRo Sports has changed the game and has created a highly nutritious bagel that is jam-packed with nutrition your body needs.
    • 24g Protein per bagel
    • 20g Fiber
    • 6g Net Carbs
    • Low Glycemic
    • Sugar Free
    • Soy Free
    • Preservative Free
    • All Natural
    • Great for Low Carb Dieters
    • Great for Weight Loss
    • Great for Diabetes
    • Great for Fitness
    • Formulated by a Physician

    Product Description

    "Eat Bread. Ditch The Guilt. Enjoy The Nutrition!" You're About To Change The Way You Eat Bread... We originally created XeRo Breads as low-carb bread specifically for diabetic patients and for those looking to shed extra pounds. But as we progressed, we added an extra punch of nutritional protein and fiber to our bread to make it more of a "powerhouse" bread for not only diabetics, but also athletes and fitness enthusiasts. These added elements helps one's body gain more strength in the gym and improves overall health performance in general. Eat & Repair! Now you can enjoy the amazing taste of XeRo Bread without the typical guilt and fear that is usually associated with eating bread. XeRo Bread tastes sweet without the sugar. It is naturally sweetened with Stevia and lo-Han. Xero bread uses Premium Ingredients without soy protein or soy oil.

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