EnerGold Pure Colloidal Gold – ULTRA-CONCENTRATED 50 ppm *No Chemicals* 16-oz.

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    With concentration of 200 parts per million at the minimum and particle size less than 2 nanometers, EnerGoldĀ® 24-Karat Gold in a Bottle Colloidal Gold retains its characteristic beautiful color ranging from bright-pink to red-violet due to the scattering of light by its gold particles, similar in principle to why the mineral iron is the reason for the reddish hues of human blood.

    EnerGoldĀ® 24-Karat Gold in a Bottle Colloidal Gold is made in three distinct batches:
    - one with particle size <2 nanometers
    - one with particle size between 2 and 12 nanometers
    - one with particle size between 13 and 24 nanometers
    Then, after their completion, the three batches are combined, rendering a single batch containing gold particles ranging from <2 to 24 nanometers.

    EnerGoldĀ® 24-Karat Gold in a Bottle - because it is a super-saturated solution of gold atoms in suspension - should not be frozen or exposed to near-freezing temperatures for a prolonged period, which might occur during shipping. Please SHAKE VIGOROUSLY upon your receiving your supply. If, however, a freezing had occurred during transit, a coagulation of dark-purple gold atoms might occur during transit or sometime soon thereafter (See photo here). Do not be alarmed by the appearance of these dark-purple accumulations of gold atoms: It is not foreign material. If you smear a piece of this coagulated material against a white surface, you will see a pink-purple color emerge: This is GOLD! If shaking vigorously does not bring the solution back to homogeneity - or you would like a replacement - we will be happy to send another bottle to you.

    Note: Because everyone possesses a unique genetic composition and chemistry, one should test and/or apply to the skin in order to test for sensitivity. And, if a sensitivity becomes apparent, cease consumption or application.

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